1. You know Odegaard isn’t really open 24 hours.
2. You’ve slipped on Red Square when it was raining but it didn’t matter since everyone was on the ground with you.
3. You rapidly try and buy $ 300 worth of food before the quarter is over so you can get some of your money back at the end of the year.
4. "The Daily" is tossed after reading the rants/raves and tearing out the Sudoku.
5. The vending machines take cards! O_O (contributing to the Freshmen 15 … 20)
6. You’re willing to wait for half an hour at the IMA to get a machine with a T.V.
7. Its a game night when the nearby highways shut down with all the traffic.
8. Hating on all the parking Nazis. They pop out from behind trees and ticket you as soon as you step out of the car.
9. Odwalla has taken the liberty to plaster itself all over campus. And its working.
10. The nearest restaurants are all Thai, Pho or Teriyaki
11. Forgetting what half the buildings look like since they’re always covered with white tarp and undergoing construction.
12. Feeling bad for the poor Cherry Blossoms on the Quad that got tricked into blooming early.
13. Surrounded by idiots who can’t microwave popcorn and end up evacuating the entire building at 1 in the morning. In the rain.
14. Half your teachers either can’t speak English or can’t write legibly.
15. The decibel level in the area increases late Thursday nights or early Friday morning.
16. You’ve tried to avoid the LaRouche people because frankly, they’re scary
17. You continue to drink the disgusting powdery mess at By George and the IMA because thats the nearest thing you can get to a smoothie.
18. No rainboots/umbrella = wet jeans = uncomfortable like no other
19. You’re unfazed when someone recognizes you from facebook
20. The only thing you know about computers is DC ++ and thats all you really need.
21. The nearest shopping place only has an A&F and a Barnes and Nobles.
22. Everybody and their mothers are listening to an iPod, carrying their books in a Timbuk2, wearing a North Face jacket, and drinking out of their Nalgene bottles
(submitted by Calvin)
23. Forced to drink Tully’s since Starbucks is too damn far away
24. You know the one day a year they clean out the Drumheller Fountain and have seriously thought of jumping in with a group of friends.
25. This year, people can’t hold in their spirit and released a CD with songs about how great we are. We’re not narcisstic though. ^_~
26. When Cherry Coke is the first thing to sell out of the vending machines.
27.It seems as if the campus has 2 ethnic groups: White or Asian. You feel constantly watched if you happen to be neither.
28. The line at the HUBway (the HUB subway) takes exponentially longer than the line at the HUB store. How long does it take to make a sandwich?
29. The campus is over run by squirrels and racoons the size of small tigers.
30. When you measure distance as time
ie: it takes 10 minutes to get to denny, as opposed to it is a mile away.
31. When you can distinguish Asians as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Vietnamese almost immediately.
32. You know what all the abbreviations mean:
Hec Ed, the Ave, the HUB, the IMA and refer to them in daily conversation
33. You don’t even question why the stretch of "University Way" is called the Ave.
34. When you move out of Lander and realize you will never see that view again as long as you are in school…
35. When you have a car but never drive it because it’s too damn expensive to park on campus and it’s always blocked in by some frat’s triple-row parking set-up
36. When you can’t even use a copy card at the copy center in Odegaard.
37. Every single building has its own cafe. And there’s always a line.
38. When, no matter how far you trek across campus, there’s never any food when you’re hungry on the weekends…
39. UW’s claim to fame is that Ted Bundy lived in McMahon when he was a student. Actually…thats kind of creepy
40. When you correct people every time they say that the U.W. is in "Seattle" (for those of you unaware, its technically in the "U District", hence the name.)
41. When you choose classes in Kane Hall solely for the skipping factor.
42.When you know that Red Square has nothing to do with Tianamen or Communism and know that the real riots are in the HUB during lunchtime.
43. You run into a person you thought you would never see again in the most random situations.
44. You have the urge to orchestrate a huge slip n’ slide in the middle of Red Square.
45. You whip out the flip flops as soon as it stops raining and you end up on your ass by the end of the day
46. You think its corny that By George is named because its literally BY George (Washington) How clever…
47. It’s pointless to try and drive through campus between classes. You know that you will be stopped 5 bagillion times by people walking across the road, even where there aren’t crosswalks.
48. You admit to having taken the bus to your next class. Its not laziness, its a necessity.
49. You’ve tried (and failed) horribly at catching a squirrel
50. When you see 10 people in a row rocking a purple sweatshirt, you know its not about school spirit. It’s just laundry day.
**Kudos to Mirinae for the 50th suggestion! 😀
51.You suddenly start having cravings for Pita Pit at 2am or Dicks (hamburgers) or Pizza Ragazzi…
52. You know that FIGS have nothing to do with a delicious fruity snack
53. You know it’s spring time because a trampoline with girls in bikinis suddenly appears in the Quad (I bet you boys are looking forward to that now. haha)
54. You know plenty of people that did journalism in high school, but now refuse to write for The Daily.
55. When you say you’re in the marching band, "cool" is an adjective to describe it.
**(The arrival of rain has brought a "flood" of suggestions. Get it? Flood? … right)
56. There have been several occasions where you were almost impaled with an umbrella.
57. No matter how high you roll up your jeans, a monster puddle will find you
58. Umbrella Jousting between classes is the only sport you participate in.
59. You can never get the temperature just right in your room so you end up in shorts and a sweatshirt.
60. Everyone loves Chipotle but you can’t see what makes it so special apart from it being the only mexican food on the ave.
61. After a week in the greek system you know the nickname of every single house, their reputation and at least one person in each one.
62. Unless you got extremely bored one day or someone decided that they wanted to quiz you, you still don’t know that the Sun Dodger was the original UW mascot
**really? I’m not even going to bother to look it up. I believe you. haha
63. When By George cafe says that they are open late, they mean they are only open late for the last 2 months of fall quarter and only if they decide to go to work that night.
64. Its not uncommon to see people sleeping at Odegaard
(3rd floor is where its at!)
65. You can always tell who is really from Washington because they walk around in the rain with no hood, sans umbrella, wearing shorts, and a t-shirt.
66. The crew team gets as many spectators as the football team
67. When you get bombarded by every existing group/organization everyday for weeks. Whether it be La Rouche, a religious or protest group, a fraternity, a sorority,etc.
68. Everyone wants to be on a sports team for the free Nike gear. Even if its purple.
69. When you have to plan out your trip to the Health Sciences Building otherwise you’ll find yourself in the basement surrounded by people walking around in white lab coats.
70. Jaywalking is more of a habit than a crime
71. You avoid the Quad when the cherry blossoms bloom in fear of the hordes of photographers
72. When you choose your apartment based on the view, the distance to class and how earthquake proof it is instead of the price.
AND When that apartment is the same one all your friends found too…most likely at the ASUW housing room in the HUB or Craigslist. Oops
73. Not even waking up at 5am will guarantee you a spot in that class you NEED in order to graduate: Say hello to the Super Senior